A place for the curious, bored, and discouraged to journey together.


You are not alone.

People want more out of their faith than Sunday mornings and simplistic answers to hard questions. Grace Church is a safe and honest place for the curious, bored, and discouraged to journey together toward a full life with Jesus.


Your journey starts here.


1. Plan Your Visit

We meet on Sundays at 10:30AM at 330 Rudy Rd in Alma. At Grace Church, you don’t have to dress up, and you don’t have to have it all figured out (we don’t either).


2. Show Up

When you visit Grace Church, we’ll welcome you and your family at the front door. Let the Greeters know it’s your first time, and they’ll show you around!


3. Enjoy Church!

On our “island of misfit toys” you’ll experience the kind of Christian community you weren’t even sure existed.


Keith & Renna’s Story

We love the people at Grace Church! We weren’t originally looking for a church at the time, but were visiting family while Pastor Devon was doing a series on the Bible and we felt lead to come back. Since then we have grown in strength and faith in the midst of multiple cancer diagnoses, and are using our story as a testament for others living in this struggle.

A full life with Jesus.


You have a unique path toward finding purpose and meaning for your life, and we want to help you discover it. Whatever question, doubt, or struggle you’re facing, we will equip and journey with you to face it.

Other people can be the hardest thing about your life, but they’re also what makes your life worth living. That’s why we strive for wholeness and restoration in our diverse relationships with ourselves, each other, and our community. It’s the only way this Jesus life was ever meant to work.

Finally, you don’t need simplistic answers to hard questions because that’s not how life really works. We grow by wrestling with our questions, doubts, and curiosities; not by shunning them or pretending they don’t exist.


What to expect.


☑️ 75-minute service.

☑️ We don’t ask guests for money.

☑️ We won’t take ourselves too seriously.

☑️ Plenty of sarcasm and snark.


☑️ No perfect people. No judgement.

☑️ Explore your faith at your own pace.

☑️ You don’t have to dress up.

☑️ Fun & safe space for your kids.

Journey together.