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 Quick Info


Service Time

Doors Open: 10:00AM
Service Begins: 10:30AM



330 Rudy Road
Alma, AR 72921



Enter via Rudy Road and park wherever you like!


 Frequent Questions


Where do I go when I get there?

After you park, simply enter through the big doors on the south side of the parking lot (facing I-40) where you'll be greeted by our Welcome Team. Let them know it's your first time and they'll take care of the rest. Easy.

How long is the service?

Services last approximately 75 minutes every Sunday. We start with full-band worship music (no organs), followed by teaching from Pastor Devon or someone else from our Teaching Team.

What do I wear?

We don't care how you dress as long as you're wearing clothes.

What do you do for kids?

We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment in our Nursery, KidsChurch, and Youth Ministry. Learn More >>

What about special needs?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the joy of belonging to a loving community, regardless of their needs. We offer 1-on-1 support for a person of any age who needs that extra assistance in order to participate in our services. We have a team of trained and committed volunteers who would love to partner with you.

There is also a Sensory Room for when being in the mainstream setting is too overstimulating. The calming atmosphere and loving volunteers can provide a safe place to decompress. Please know that you are welcome here, and let us know how we can accommodate you or your family. Learn More >>

Will you ask for my money?

At Grace Church, we want to live generous lives, and invite people who support our mission to give as they feel led. We do have a time set aside for this during the service, but we have no expectation for guests to give.

Can I attend if...?

Whatever you’re worried about, don’t be. You are welcome here at Grace Church. Your politics, past, color, or beliefs may be different, but we’re used to it. Hey, we even let LSU fans come too!


Can I check it out before Sunday?