Call Him Gospel: Jesus the King

If the gospel is the good news of what God has done in Jesus then what does His title as Lord and King reveal God was up to?

Pastor Devon's Sermon Notes

WATCH: “The Gospel of the Kingdom” by The Bible Project

Primary Texts: The Good News of the Kingdom

  • Building upon 1st post-resurrection gospeling by Peter recorded by Luke who spends much time with both Peter & Paul (Acts 28:23-31 NIV)
  • The news through Paul has made its way to Rome & Caesar laying the perfect backdrop for Luke to end his account with Paul badly declaring that Jesus is Lord & King of all (Acts 2:23-31)

Engaging the text: Understanding the Good News of the King

A) What’s this title of Lord?

  • kýrios (koo’-ree-os) – a person exercising absolute ownership rights; Lord.

B) What News Does This Bring?

  • Family News God is expanding the family. Jesus will not only restore Israel to relationship with God. He will restore gentiles to their creator and Israel to the gentiles as a picture of the full reconciliation of all men and things. (Eph 2:13-15, Rom 3:28-30)
  • World News God plans not only to lead His people as Messiah but the whole world as their Lord and King. The same kind of ‘perfect’ reign the Messiah would bring to Israel the Lord will bring to all men who enter His Kingdom that will ultimately conquer all other kingdoms and empires with Jesus at the helm as King of Kings. (Mark 12:13-17, 1Cor 15:20-28)
  • Cosmic News God is staking claim not only to Zion but to the whole world and all of creation. His Messiah will not only rebuild and heal Jerusalem but everything returning us to a garden like future. (Col 1:16-20, Rom 8:18-22)

C) How Would He Do It?

  • The Cross Jesus’ coronation as King takes place at the cross. His procession of peace, robe of setting things right, crown of suffering, and wooden thrown of sacrificial love inaugurate His reign as King of the Jews & the world. (John 18:29-37)
  • The Resurrection The invasion of earth by heaven, the supremacy of Jesus’ authority, and the powerlessness of His enemies are made clear at Jesus’ victory over death, the most vile and destructive force released in the garden. (Eph 1:19-22)
  • People of the Cross/Resurrection Through covenant faithfulness to embrace the cross’ example of love & sacrifice and through trust in the power of the resurrection; the reign of Jesus will be a visible & touchable sign of what is to come and will forever be. (2Cor 5:14-21)
  • His Second Coming All healing, uniting, mending, and making things right will be finished by Him ushering in the new heaven & new earth where relational & creational life with God & each other continues without end (1Cor 15:20-28)

D) What Did This Mean for Them?

How Do We Respond?

A) What Does This Mean for Us?

B) Receiving Jesus as King? (Rom 10:8-10)

  • acknowledge & submit to the Lordship of Jesus
  • choose to trust (put weight in) & live by faith in the reality that Jesus defeated Satan, sin, & death (Rom 10:8-10)


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